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Anbarivu 2022 is an Indian Tamil language action drama film written and directed by Ashwin Ram and directed by Satya Jyothi Films. Anbarivu Tamil Movie Download The film stars Napoleon, Sai Kumar, Asha Sarath, Vidarth and Arjay along with hip-hop Tamiza Adi, Kashmira Paradeshi and Shivani Rajasekhara. The music and score for the film was composed by hip hop Tamiza and the cinematography was directed by Mahesh Manikam. And Pradeep e. Edited by Raghav. The film was released on January 7, 2022 on Disney + Hotstar.

Movie InFo:-

Movie : Anbarivu (2022)
Director : Aswin Raam
Genres : Drama
Quality : Original DVDRip
Language : Tamil
Rating :  8.2/10
Release Date : 06 January 2022


Anbarivu is an upcoming Indian Tamil language action drama film directed and directed by Ashwin Ram and produced by Satya Jyothi Films. The film stars hip-hop Tamiza Adi, Kashmira Paradeshi, and Shivani Rajasekhar, Napoleon, Sai Kumar, Asha Sarath, Vidarth and Arjay in supporting roles. [2] The music and score for the film were composed by hip hop Tamiza and the cinematography was directed by Mahesh Manikam. And Pradeep e. Raghav Editing.



Anbarivu Movie Cast Name

  1. Hip-hop Tamizha Aadhi in dual role Anbazhagan (Anbu) and Arivazhagan (Arivu)
  2. Kashmira Pardeshi as Kayal
  3. Shivani Rajashekar as Yazhini
  4. Napoleon as Muniyandi
  5. Sai Kumar as Prakasham
  6. Asha Sharath as Lakshmi
  7. Vidharth as MLA Pasupathi
  8. Arjai as Singaram


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FAQ – Anbarivu Full Movie

Who is the Director of Anbarivu Movie?
Anbarivu Movie is directed by Aswin Raam’s

What is the budget of anbarivu Movie?
anbarivu Movie is 60-70 Crore Indian rupees.

anbarivu What is a movie story?
Anbarivu is a Tamil drama movie, directed by Aswin Raam. The cast of Anbarivu includes Hiphop Tamizha Adhi,Kashmira Pardeshi.

What is the release date for the anbarivu Full Movie ?
anbarivu Full Movie will release on January 06, 2022.

What’s the platform for the release of the anbarivu Full Movie ?
anbarivu Full Movie will OTT platform on january 06, 2022.

Is there anbarivu Full Movie on YouTube?
No,anbarivu Full Movie is not available on YouTube.


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